Search for words on your microfilm
Find words right on your microfilm image without having to read through the entire page. Just enter the word that you are looking for in the search box and if it is on the microfilm, it will be highlighted every where it appears.
Information linkins
Use INFO-Link to get more information about what you see on your microfilm. Just click to highlight a word or words and then select the internet reference source that you want to use like Wikipedia, a thesaurus, or a dictionary.
Copy to clipboard
Select information that you see on your microfilm image and copy it to the clipboard as editable text for pasting into any document or presentation.
Word searchable PDFs
With a single click you can convert any microfilm image to a single page word searchable PDF or multi-page word searchable PDF.


ScanPro 2000 microfilm scanner

Durable, Easy to Use, Versatile Microfilm Scanner.

The ScanPro 2000 is built for public use applications.

Small and compact, the ScanPro 2000 fits almost anywhere.The ScanPro 2000 is built for durability in public use applications. The construction is heavy gauge steel throughout and all moving parts use steel bearings for long term reliability. The combination carriers for all film types are easy and fast to operate.

Software is an Intuitive Windows computer application.

The ScanPro 2000 software is an intuitive Windows® computer application with familiar icons and text labels to further reduce the learning curve for both occasional and first time users. And, just CLICK the Film Selection Wizard to automatically set up your scanner for any microform application. One CLICK on-screen buttons complete look ups and research quickly and efficiently. Also, there is an on screen help menu at your fingertips that provides details on how to use any button control.

Automatic features make working with microfilm easy.

CLICK a single button to automatically straighten your microfilm image, adjust brightness and contrast to get the best image and crop unwanted borders. Use the SPOT-Edit button to adjust just areas you select to get a professional looking microfilm image.

Time saving feature increases productivity.

FOCUS-Lock is a time saving, exclusive feature found only on ScanPro microfilm scanners. The FOCUS-Lock feature maintains image focus during film movement and changes in magnification. This means that the ScanPro is always ready to be used for making looks ups and completing research easier, faster and more efficiently. Scanners without the FOCUS-Lock feature can take over 20 seconds to focus an image every time a magnification is changed. And, with some scanners, focus doesn't even begin until the operator intervenes and in the worst case, some scanners even let the operator select magnifications that can not be focused. Scanners without FOCUS-Lock are both difficult to use and time consuming to operate.

OCR for microfilm makes research easier.

The e-ImageData OCR features are revolutionizing the way researchers, genealogists, librarians and patrons use microfilm. These OCR features are bundled together as the PowerScan Productivity Suite and work with the microfilm image that you see on the view screen. This optional OCR software consists of WORD-Search, INFO-Link, copy selected areas as text to your "clipboard", and creates word searchable PDF's.


ScanPro 2000 brochure


PowerScan Productivity Suite provides OCF for microfilm