I9300 Scanner

Ultra High Definition Scan
Uses proprietary technology to find your blip with exceptional accuracy.
New File Format
Replaces your aging blipped film scanner regardless of the Brand.
Automatic scanning
Automatically scan your microfilm. Scan a partial roll or the entire roll.
Just "click" Search, Scan or Print to locate a specific image, a range of images, or multiple ranges of images and deliver the results direct to the requestor.
Copy to clipboard
The ScanPro i9300 uses ABBYY Fine Reader to OCR your microfilm page. This world class OCR software is consistently picked by researchers for accuracy and speed.
Information linkins
Use SPOT-Edit to select any area, then adjust brightness, contrast, redact or whiteout.
Word searchable PDFs
Maintains image focus throughout the optical magnification range at all times. A scanner without a FOCUS-Lock capability goes out of focus completely during optical zoom.


ScanPro3000 microfilm scanners

Find Your Blip With
Exceptional Accuracy.

The ScanPro® i9300 microfilm scanner is the product you’ve been waiting for to bring your image-marked, or blipped, film into the digital age. We know that original blipped film scanners are aging and you have limited options for repairing them. That’s where the i9300 comes in — it can capture ALL of your blipped film, regardless of brand — single level, two level and three level.

Utilizing proprietary technology, the ScanPro i9300 finds your blip the first time with exceptionally accurate searching. The machine’s precision is bolstered by its unique PRECISION-Guide film rollers, which tightly control the microfilm’s movement, ensuring the most precise image search. In addition, the ScanPro i9300 is a universal scanner that can read and scan ALL microfilm types — not just image-marked. This one machine allows you to utilize your entire microfilm collection.

The ScanPro i9300 offers the most precise image search on the market. Using proprietary technology, it senses every batch, file and page with incomparable accuracy. Standard features on the i9300 further enhance your work. FOCUS-Lock technology ensures that your film image maintains focus throughout the optical zoom. SPOT-Edit allows live image editing of selected text and pictures while all other areas remain unchanged. The AUTO-Adjust tool automatically straightens and crops the on-screen image and properly adjusts for brightness and contrast, making your mage clear and easier to work with. Some patrons have referred to this as the “magic button,” but we assure you, no magic is required.

The ScanPro i9300 is designed and built to stand up to the rigors of public use, and its compact size means it will fit in almost any workspace. It’s also LibraryQuiet™, so it won’t disturb research. All ScanPro products receive free lifetime software updates and have a proven track record of performance and reliability backed by factory-trained and certified dealers. In addition, we pride ourselves on our
customer service — updating and training our customers as new features and software updates become available.


ScanPro3000 Brochure
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